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Choosing a banquet hall for special occasions is usually a good idea because it is more convenient and pleasant for the guests. Tipu Sultan Banquet Hall can accommodate a large number of guests for our client. Our banquet hall is fully furnished with extravagant furniture, soothing color schemes, centerpieces, and chair and tablecloth covers. We also personalized the banquet layout based on the needs of our customers. One feature that distinguishes our banquet from others is that we have a venue that can be customized per your needs and theme. We also have a lift for old age people's convenience because the banquet hall is on the first floor.

Our bespoke dancefloors, furniture, and stage design transform our dinner into a spectacular and breath-taking event area. The banquet is entirely air conditioned, and we provide a variety of planned menus as well as floral or bespoke decorating. What is left? In brief, you only need to contact us and leave the rest to us. We guarantee that we will not let you down.

Booking Details

Booking Details
Monday to Thursday & Saturday 09:00 AM To 06:00 PM
Friday 09:00 AM To 03:00 PM
Sunday ….. OFF

1. Banquet Hall Rs.180,000/- including basic decoration for 200 guests (Capacity 250 Guest)
2. Lawn-I Rs.60,000/-Capacity 500 to 600 Guest (Minimum 350 Guests must)
3. Lawn-II Rs.30,000/-Capacity 200 to 250 Guest (Minimum 150 Guests must)
4. Hall Rs.25,000/-Capacity 150 Guest (Minimum 100 Guests must)

(Stage & Ladies waitress Not Included in Decoration Charges)
(Table Chairs, Crockery, Generator, Lighting, Male Waiters & Valet Parking Included)
1. Rs.460/- per person with Marquee (In Winter Season)
2. Rs.400/- per person without Marquee (In Summer Season)

Security Money is Payable with Decoration Charges Rs.20,000/-

BANGALORE CO-OP H. S. LTD Tipu Sultan Hall, Bangalore Town, Off Tipu Sultan Road, Block 78,8, KARACHI-75350.
Tel: 021-34525317 & 021-34521771

NOTE:-Any kind of Music & Naat Khani Program is NOT allowed. The lights will be switched off at 10 0′ Clock. Decoration charges may vary. Hall timing will change as per the guideline given by the authority. Fireworks are not allowed. Separate kitchen available area if needed. Bridal room available in all above packages

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We realize that you want to get to know us before scheduling an event. Therefore, here are some interesting facts regarding Tipu Sultan’s Hall.

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